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Coffeecycle is also trade.

Our soaps are available throughout Germany and in Austria. We work closely with our partners and also source the coffee grounds that we use for our products from some of them. It is important to us that our partners pursue the same goals. Here we go innovative ways to close our cycle directly at the customer. That is why you will find our soaps in a wide variety of concepts.

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Organic and drugstores

In order to reach our customers during their weekly shopping, we work together with regional organic and drugstores, which focus on sustainability and cosmetics. Because the symbiosis of upcycling and high-quality natural cosmetics is what drives us.

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Under the motto "With heart and mind against throwing away", Manufactum only offers the highest quality and most sustainable products. So also our soaps. These have been available throughout Germany and in Vienna since June 2022 in department stores and im purchase online shop.

Im Hadel
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bulk stores

One our guiding principle is "The best packaging is no packaging". No concept embodies this motto better than the bulk stores. We are therefore grateful that we are already represented in several unpackaged shops in Hamburg and are thus able to save on unnecessary packaging.

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Our source of coffee grounds are die Cafés in Hamburg and the branches of Campus Suite GmbH. However, we not only obtain our raw materials from these shops, but also offer our soaps here. In this way we can close the cycle and the customers can enjoy the coffee twice as much.

Become a partner now.
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1. Direct contact to the founding team.

With us, every cooperation between Liam and Leo is treated directly. This means that we can respond to every request without any problems and guarantee a smooth and quick start to the cooperation.

2. Flexible purchase quantities.

Thanks to our internal structures, we are able to offer the most flexible purchase quantities. We can easily handle the smallest quantities and large orders. Please contact us!

3. 100% reorder rate.

We focus on customer satisfaction and the best products. This is convincing and results in the fact that there has not yet been a cooperation that has not placed a repeat order after at least 2 months (after the start of the cooperation).

Für Händler*innen

Vegan natural cosmetics

Our products are completely vegan. Because we want to offer cosmetics that do not harm any animal and make friends for all of us.


Upcycled coffee grounds

We source our coffee grounds directly from the coffee shops, reducing coffee waste. In Germany alone, this is several million tons.


Traditional soap art

We work together with a traditional soap manufacturer that has been making soaps based on Marseille recipes for decades.

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