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We are Coffeecycle!

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Hello, we are Liam and Leo.

We founded Coffeecycle in August 2021 and sold our first soap in December 2021. 

At the time of founding, we were 17 and 18 years young. We attended the 11th grade at a Hamburg high school and worked together as a barista in a Hamburg café. This is where the idea was born to reduce coffee waste and use it to produce excellent natural cosmetics. In June 2022 we successfully completed our Abitur and since then we have been fully focused on getting the cafés free of coffee waste.

This is important to us

natural products.
Qualitative products.
customer satisfaction.


We worked together as a barista in a Hamburg café to finance some money for trips after school while we finished high school. However, while working, we quickly realized that we had encountered a problem that was more important to us than any travel. Because we threw away several kilos of coffee grounds after each shift. We started looking for a solution and came up with the Coffeecycle concept.

With the finished concept, we took part in the start-up competition business@school as part of our Abitur.


After winning the state final of business@school (an educational initiative of the Boston Consulting Group) in June 2021, we decided to found Coffeecycle.

We started in our 2021 summer holidays and were able to start our first test sales in October. 

The feedback on our first product (The Coffee Orange Soap) was so outstanding that we decided to also target retail in March 2022.

Kaffee-Orangenseiofe 150g.jpg

Participated successfully


In 2022 we were able to meet many new people and start very exciting cooperations. Our soaps are currently available in over 35 stores throughout Germany and Austria. These include cafés, organic markets, bulk shops and specialty shops. Furthermore, our soaps have been available from Manufactum throughout Germany since June 2022. The totality of our cooperations enabled us this year to offer some stores almost "coffee grounds neutral" to make, because we could recycle almost everything.


In addition to expanding the sales channels, we were also able to expand our product range. This currently consists of our coffee-orange soap, coffee-coconut soap and coffee-peach soap. In addition, there is our soap dish, which is also made from upcycled coffee grounds. With all the products we were able to win many customers over the last year make happy. The soaps were so well received that we were sold out for the whole of December as our Christmas supplies were already empty in November. 


We live circular economy

1. Your espresso is being made.

2. We pick up the coffee grounds.

3. Mit dem Kaffeesatz stellen wir         _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ wonderful products.

4. You can use our natural cosmetics      .


2023 war unser bisher erfolgreichstes Jahr. Wir konnten über 20.000 Seifen produzieren und damit hunderte Kilos an Kaffeesatz recyceln. Außerdem konnten wir vielen neue Kooperationen starten und bestehende Partnerschaften ausbauen. Mittlerweile gibt es unsere Seifen in über 60 Läden in Deutschland und Österreich zu erwerben.

Des Weiteren konnten wir ins diesem Jahr unsere neue Seifenkollektion launchen und somit einen weiteren Meilenstein erreichen. Diese wird nach strengen Naturkosmetik-Standards hergestellt und beinhaltet auch eine 150 Gramm Seife. 
So sparen wir Verpackungen und die Seife hält noch länger. Wir sind sehr dankbar für dieses erfolgreiche Jahr und freuen uns auf die gemeinsame Zukunft.

Leo und Liam.jpg

The first new cooperations and products are already being planned and we are positive about the future! We are excited to see what happens and would love to take you with us on our journey.


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