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Our coffee soap consists of high-quality oils that are processed cold. In this way, all valuable ingredients are retained and maximum care for the hands is achieved. The coffee grounds contained in the soap clean the skin of dead cells and other dirt. The caffeine contained in coffee also ensures smooth and well-circulated skin. Our coffee grounds come from various Hamburg cafés.


With the purchase of the coffee soap, you are not only doing something good for your skin, you are also reducing the waste that occurs during coffee production!


Basic price: 99.00 €/ 1 kg

All prices incl. VAT. Excl. Shipping costs

Scope of delivery: 1x coffee coconut soap

Coffee Coconut Soap

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1 Kilogram
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Our coffee coconut soap is free from silicones, parabens, sulfates, microplastics, artificial dyes or similar. It consists of only natural and vegan ingredients that are mixed cold so that the maximum nutritional value is retained.

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Natural ingredients.

Pleasant peeling effect.

The caffeine content tightens the skin. 

"We developed the soap because we ourselves were looking for a product that had many areas of application, high-quality ingredients and a sustainable concept. With our coffee soap, we have created the perfect product for us and are very proud that we can present it to you ."

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